Services Offered


Individual Counseling

Meeting one-on-one with people is what I specialize in. So much of our communication with others is spent either on the phone, emailing, or texting and it's difficult to find someone who will sit down and listen to us when we really need to talk. I am here to not only listen to your concerns, but also give you Godly wisdom based on my training and years of experience. The Bible encourages us to share one another's burdens (Gal. 6:2) and it is my privilege to share and help you unload your burdens.


Adolescent Counseling

I get many calls from frustrated parents dealing with the pre-teen and teenage years. Their kids may be experiencing any number of situations from family difficulties, peer pressure at school, eating disorders, cutting behaviors, skipping school, failing grades, sexual activity, or other stressful situation. I have many years of experience in working with adolescents and teenagers and am here to help.


Children / Play Therapy

Play Therapy is useful for children who require counseling. Children do not have the verbal skills or emotional intellect that adults do when explaining what is going on in their lives. Children talk by playing.  I use play toys so a child is able to come in and express whatever emotions they are experiencing. By observing the child at play, therapists are able to understand the child's world and help them make sense of that world. I understand that play is a child's language and toys are their words.

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Marriage, Family and Couples Counseling

We know, at times, marriage can prove to be difficult. We provide brief solution focused therapy for couples who are struggling in their relationship and want to strive to overcome problems that currently exist. We also work with families to address difficulties they are are currently experiencing so they may come to a place that they may be able to find enjoyment with each other.